Thursday, 20 January 2011

A clean Slate

So here we are again, I’m sitting at the computer in the uni labs think what the hell I am going to write now. This blog is going to document my progress through my Final Major Project, what is it, well there’s no better place to start than by explaining what that is.

Now that I have reached the third year of my university course, I get to choose what it is that I do for my FMP (Final Major Project). After looking at several ideas I had floating around, (about fifteen or so), I whittled them down to two projects; A recreation of Battersea PowerStation, or an eighteenth century Docks. Upon proposing these ideas I found that they would be a little tricky to get all the references I needed, and so it was back to the drawing board for me.

The Battersea PowerStation idea was my favourite and therefore I wanted to stay somewhere along those lines. I decided to look into industrial work around the early 1900s, a then SMACK! it hit me, the references where right under my nose all along, my home town of Dudley (aka The Black Country) in the west midlands was one of the most Industrial area in the country at the time, and there was an open air museum just around the corner from where I live, that looks at what life was like between 1890 and 1930.

So in November I went back down home to have a look at the place being as it been years since I have been there, and it was a goldmine, everything I could of possibly wanted had been sitting on my door step.

After going around the place a few times, I decided that the Anchor Forge on the canal side was perfect, it tied in closely with the Battersea PowerStation project, and because the museum is a recreational open air museum then all the assets were there and there were no limits at to where I could go.

About three hours later I had everything I needed and was ready to start, but unfortunately I have been unable to start this project due to course restrictions.

Damn I really do waffle on a bit, if you have just sat there for 10 minuites reading this you have my sympathy. Well less chit chat it time to get on with some work.

Oh i almost forgot to add this, its the website for the museum that this project is based on

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